Building Materials

Backbone is your one stop shop for quality comprehensive building materials, that won’t break the bank.
We’re proud to offer you everything you need to build, renovate, update, or repair your building inside and out.

Construction Equipment

High Quality, Competitive Pricing, Personal Service
At Backbone, we strive to provide our clients with high quality machinery and spare parts at the most competitive prices in a fast, efficient and reliable manner.

Power Hand Tools

Handtools are a genuine necessity in our everyday life, be it on a domestic level ar on an industrial level.
Backbone provides you with a wide range of chisels, hammers, measuring tapes, pliers, screwdrivers, spanners and many more, available in every sizes required.


We cater to all markets, starting from low to mid level up to high end for commercial & residential properties.
At Backbone you are sure to find everything you need in bathrooms!

Tiles & Flooring

All-round, Durable and Amazing Flooring Solutions
From Ceramic tiles to Epoxy floors, at Backbone, we offer flooring solutions to match your taste.

Civil Engineering & General Construction

Equipped with specialized skills essential for the different stages of your project, we are the thread that tie all parts of your project together to ensure all needs are met.